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Holding On (Vulcan)

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“Wanting and caring aren’t alike. With wanting you take what you need and leave the rest. When it’s caring Vulcan there’s a shit load more to it and you never wanna leave the rest.”

Josie Jacks, an inexperienced seer, has always hidden the real truth. Now with the veil between races disappearing, a gorgeous sexy vamp busts her secrets wide open. She is thrust into a world of castles and kings and vampires and fairies and demons.

Forced to face raging emotions and demanding urges to sweep Josie into bed, it comes as a complete surprise to Vee Malone when his intense infatuation inexplicably morphs into so much more.

Wisely, Josie avoids Vulcan’s alluring web and refuses to freefall into a delicious hot fling never meant to go anywhere.

It quickly becomes obvious Vulcan is the underdog and least likely guy to win her. It takes him down a notch or three when she refuses to see him as a red-hot vamp.

Heart, soul and every breath - he swears to capture her heart.



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