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Distortion: Wynter Wild Book 5

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“life is currently on hold while I read the series” - Goodreads reviewer

The past taints everything...

Wynter has helped to create a safe home with her family. Her music career is taking off with an overseas recording opportunity and a new all-girl rock band.

Her brothers could use some help. Indio returns from London and there’s a room waiting for him if he’ll take it, as well as an old flame in the wings. Caleb has a new chance at love, and Jesse continues his search for the perfect girl.

Out of the blue, their mother Miriam returns seeking reconciliation. Her years of neglect have distorted her children’s chances for love and happiness. Do they want closure on the past… or revenge?

CONTENT WARNINGS: The series includes or refers to: child abuse, drug use, animal cruelty, not-very-graphic sex and violence, mental health issues, adult relationships, and strong opinions about touchy subjects. If anything offends you, it's probably Jesse's fault. Wynter does not have sexual abuse/assault in her past or her future.

What readers are saying:
“This addictive series just gets better! I'm loving the family banter. It often has me laughing out loud!”

“Such incredible writing which gives us amazing, well-defined characters living complicated lives! I couldn’t recommend it more!”

“I'm so in love with these characters”

“The author approaches many themes like abuse, family relations and coming of age, through a realistic and unique lens, using characters that you can’t help but love. Amazing read!”
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