Marketing, Simplified -- Mary Schiller

by The Magic Space

Are you marketing your own business or working in marketing professionally? Would you like to explore an entirely new way of approaching marketing?

In Marketing, Simplified, Mary Schiller -- who has spent much of the past 20 years working in marketing-related fields and also creating her own businesses -- opens up a whole new view on the topic. There is a way to connect with customers and prospects that doesn't have to feel "marketing-y." Not only that, it is more fun, more leveraged and more effective: both for you and for the people you'd like to help with what you're offering. This audio assumes an understanding (a new one is fine!) of the Three Principles.

This audio is for you if:

  • You want to communicate with your customers and prospects in a way that really connects you with them
  • You're tired of falling for marketing gimmicks and "the next best thing"
  • You want to truly make a difference with what you're offering to people

Length: 25 minutes
File: .mp3 audio

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$ 20.00

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