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Sweets and cravings(BDSM gay romance)

Should I take you down to the bar so you can find someone to play with.”
“I already know who I want to play with,” Jake said. “I want to play with you.” Oliver ’ stomach knotted up in excitement. “If you’re up for it, I mean.”
God, if only Jake knew.
Oliver shifted in his seat, nodding as he spoke. “What are you looking for? I’m pretty flexible, myself.”
The room was suddenly charged as he felt Jake’s eyes sweep down his body from across the desk. Jake licked his lips and Oliver shifted again. The electricity he remembered from years ago was still very much real.
“I’d like to dom, if you don’t mind. What’s your pain tolerance like?”
“High. I prefer a paddle to a cane but I can handle a few strikes if the mood fits and I deserve it.” Oliver tossed him a wink. He could see the scene they would do, the roles they were already slipping into. He would be the flirty sub, and Jake would be the hard lining dom, putting him in his place after he mouthed off. “My only hard no is suspension play when I sub. I don’t like being up in the air. You can tie me up, hands in front of my chest, but I need my bell so I can let you know if I start to panic.” He pointed to the gold bell that sat on his desk that was engraved with a rose and dagger. “CBT is negotiable and something we’d need to talk about in detail before I would sign off on anything. Bodily fluids… well, shit happens sometimes you know?” He smiled at his own pun.
Jake nodded. “I don’t do knife play as a dom. I’m too clumsy. I prefer to use my hands for spankings but paddles work too. I love a bit of humiliation, both giving and receiving. More so the receiving but if the scene calls for it I can give as well as I take. How are you with ball gags?”
“Why? Do you not like hearing me speak?”
Jake growled, actually growled. It sent a shiver down Oliver’s spine. “Answer the question, Oliver.”
“Ball gags are a green for me. Just need my bell so I can signal to you.”
“That’s fair. I like toys, dildos, that kind of thing. Good to tease you with.”
“Anal sex?”
Jake’s eyes shone as he grinned a wicked grin. “If the mood calls for it. I use protection and I’ll prep you before.”
“Is that all?” Oliver asked.
“Safe word?”
“Rainbow. And you?”
Oliver grinned, standing up from his chair. “Then let’s start.”
“Wait.” Jake said. His voice was different. Darker. “I didn’t say you could stand.”
Oliver dropped back into his seat. “Sorry, sir.”
“Sir,” Jake hummed. “I like it.” He settled back in his seat and watched Oliver. He could see the bulge in Jake’s leather trousers as he splayed his legs wide open. “We’re going to need to go to a private room I think. I don’t need people to see you get punished tonight.” Oliver swallowed in excitement as he nodded. Punishment. Okay. He could take that. “Are you able to walk to a private room naked or would you prefer to be clothed?”
“I own a sex club, sir. I’m fine with nudity.”
Jake laughed. It was dry and sharp. “You see, this. This is why I’m gonna need to put a gag in that pretty little mouth of yours. You call me sir but all I hear is attitude.”
Oliver snapped his mouth shut. “Sorry, sir.”
“No you’re not, that’s why I need to punish you. You aren’t sorry about being mouthy, and you aren’t sorry about what happened last time I was here. If you were truly sorry you would be grovelling at my feet, not trying to whore your way to a better review.”
Oliver’s mouth went dry and he felt his own cock twitch.
“Do you like that? The fact that I figured you out, slut?” Jake was watching him, making sure he didn’t push too far just yet, but Oliver knew he wouldn’t.
“Yes,” he whispered.
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, sir.”
Jake grinned. “Remove your clothes. Slowly. I want a show.

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