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Analog Foundations Vol 2

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Analog Foundations Volume 2

128 More classic presets for the Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Four Mk1/Mk2. 

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Analog Foundations Volume 2 continues on the success of Analog Foundations Volume 1 bringing 128 more classic sounds to your Elektron synth. If you like Analog Foundations Vol1 you’ll definitely love volume 2. This package is full of even more classic sounds based on vintage synth presets. I’ve enjoyed recreating the sounds from my classic synths on the Analog Keys. And I think you’ll really enjoy using them in your music. I’ve carefully previewed every sound and re-tweaked them until I was happy with the results. For Analog Keys users all presets are carefully mapped to the joystick, and aftertouch. I hope you find the Analog Foundations presets the most useful sounds you can get for your Elektron synthesizer.

What’s included

  • 23 basses, 22 leads, 17 pads, 33 keys, 13 brass, 6 strings, 9 sfx, 3 atmospheres, 1 acid sound, and 1 glitch sound
  • 1 Zipped .syx file (Must be extracted and transferred to your Analog Keys/Four)
  • Alphabetized & Catagorized bank of 128 sounds
  • Useful parameters are mapped to joystick, aftertouch, and velocity

You will get a ZIP (56KB) file