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Restraining Reeba - West Coast Doms #4

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We’re about to be tied up in ways we never could’ve imagined…

The beast, the darkness, beneath my barely controlled façade must remain leashed.
That’s why I spend so much time alone, never interacting with anyone but my ex-military brothers. It’s better that way. Safer.
Going to the club was not my idea.
I never expected to feel anything there. Didn’t think anyone could make me feel. Not anymore.
But she did.
Reeba is living, breathing energy. Vibrant and so damn hot it hurts.
She’s also in danger.
I know it. My brothers know it. And she doesn’t believe any of us.
Kidnapping her made sense at the time. It was the only way to keep her safe.
Now I’m not sure either of us will ever be safe again.
See, to keep her alive, I’m not only going to have to face the beast—I’m going to have to embrace it, and pray it doesn’t destroy us all.
And the men trying to take what’s mine? I hope their maker has mercy on their souls.
Because I sure as hell won’t.

*Intended for an 18+ audience*
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