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Completely Automate The Entire Sales & Product Delivery Process For ALL Of Your PayPal Based Sites in 7 Minutes or Less!"
This Could Be The Easiest System Ever Put Together To Automate All Of Your sales site Processes From PayPal IPN, To Emailing Your Customers, Handling Downloads, And More!
No Programming Skills Required!

    Date: July 28th, 2007 
    From: VEMUS

    Dear Friend,

    What if I told you that you could skyrocket your traffic, produce more sales than you ever thought possible, all with minimal work and very little out of pocket expense! 

    Would that excite you? 

    There is an incredibly powerful marketing tactic that can truly provide that sort of scenario for anybody wanting it.

    Over the past year I've quietly been promoting low cost infoproducts and secretly creating a very comfortable income. (that's not important but what you're about to read next is -- and it can have a direct impact on your online sales process)

    In the process of creating these sales sites, it's seems that there's always the problem of figuring out how to handle the back-end processes such as setting up the PayPal IPN scripting (for handling instant payment notifications), product delivery systems, emailing clients to make sure they receive their products, how to create and add-in one-time-offer pages, and so on...

    And frankly, it was often a customer support nightmare... Uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh!

    People not clicking on those pesky little "Return to Merchant" buttons after their purchase, not following instructions, exiting the 'signup page' and a whole laundry list of other problems wound up taking up my time and taking away from my marketing efforts. (I know that many of you have already experienced this hassle)

    After doing this for awhile, I decided to come up with a better way, so I wouldn't spend more than half of my time creating these same processes over and over again, and free up my time so I can create even more money making websites in less time, with less effort.

    And, after much trial, error and perfecting this new application, I'm making it available to you.

    Seriously, why would you create your sales sites or your JV giveaway signup pages using only half-measures? (You don't have to answer that...) Why not create a truly automated sales system that can handle everything for you from the sales process, to product delivery, to handling your one-time-offer pages and sales?

    How about a system that allows you to give others the ability to sell your products and keep 100% of the money from those sales while you get the new sign-ups to your email lists? (I know that's nothing new but when yours runs as smooth as silk it will gain the respect of your customers and naturally create joint venture partners with no additional effort on your part -- think about that for a minute)

    Why not use a system that allows you to choose if you want to share the front end sales with people who're promoting and also allows you to choose if you share the back-end sales from your one-time-offers?

You will get a ZIP (6MB) file

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$ 10.00

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