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The Ultimate Vendor Bundle

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Businesses that built themselves up and made a name for themselves in their industries are celebrating all over the country.

So, what better way for aspiring entrepreneurs to get inspired and use this energy to work on their own businesses? All the fear and doubt that's held you back all these years are going out the window this week. Look around at some of your favorite entrepreneurs (myself included!). Step out on faith like they did and follow your dreams. How? I'm going to help! I said in the past I'd never do another package again but this opportunity to provide entrepreneurs with the ultimate starter business kit is too good to miss!

This Limited Edition Set includes:

A step by step guide to starting your business E-book
The Ultimate Fashion vendor list with over 300 vendors
The Hair, Cosmetics, Haircare, Fashion, & Packaging vendor list 
How to set up your website 
Direct contact information for sample orders 
Bomb Marketing Tactics for More Customers & Clients in 2020
and more!

This set has everything, all of my basic principles, explained in full detail that got me from a broke aspiring entrepreneur to a successful business owner! & Now it's your turn.

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  • PDF (539KB)

Smoke Accessories Vendor List


Pet Apparel & Accessories Vendor List


Lingerie Vendor List


Sea Moss, Apetamin Syrup & Nutritional Supplements


Women's Clothing & Accessories Vendor List


Goal Digging Vendor List


The Retail Plug Vendor List


Sunglasses Vendor List


Children's Clothing Vendors


Edge Control Vendor List