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ZOON 2 a theme for Kirby CMS 3.5+

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Kirby CMS

Kirby is a file-based Content Management System, your content lives in text files and folders – no database involved. The lack of database makes a breeze of installation, backups and updates. 
ZOON 2 offers a nice set of features, so you can kick off your website in no time.

Be sure to visit the ZOON 2 demo site

Did you buy a previous version of ZOON? Contact me for a discount.

Features ZOON 2

  • Dedicated templates for home, error and search
  • Three templates for content creation, two listing templates and an article template
  • Use a logo or name
  • Use a local or Google served font or a system font stack
  • Use optional breadcrumbs
  • Choose date formatting
  • Switch on dark mode
  • Use Google analytics
  • Use up to three lists of links in the site footer
  • Twelve predefined icons to link to your social media or add your own
  • Use over 1,300 high quality svg icons, from the open source Bootstrap icon library
  • Multiple language ready, use the panel to translate or to set default texts to your preference
  • A sitemap to submit for search engines
  • Open Graph meta tags for sharing
  • Website manifest file, instructions for icons
  • Customize the js/css per page or per template

Layout content in multiple columns and choose from 14 Block types:
  • Heading Block
  • Text Block
  • List Block
  • Quote Block
  • Table Block
  • Code Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Aside Block
  • Markdown Block
  • Pages Block
  • Image Block
  • Gallery Block
  • Slider Block
  • Video Block

Changes in ZOON 2

  • 23-08-2021: Updated Kirby to version
  • 15-06-2021: Gallery update; added caption options styling adjustments and updated the lightbox script. Updated Kirby to 3.5.6.
  • 04-06-2021: Added sharing icons for the Item page template. Added a Kirby icon tag to use svg icons (over 1,300 icons available).
  • 26-05-2021: Updated Kirby to 3.5.5.

ZOON 2 is a complete rebuilt, most important changes:
  • Replaced Kirby-builder blocks for the native Kirby Blocks and Layout fields.
  • The jQuery carousel, lightbox, accordion and tooltip have been replaced by vanilla javascript components.
  • Icon fonts are no longer used, the social icons in the footer use inline svg.
  • Most tap targets are made to be mobile friendly.
  • Image srcset is simplified and most cropping is done with css (aspect ratio or padding hack).
  • Improved performance: 97–100 Lighthouse score for mobile and desktop (note: results may vary slightly when testing performance).
You will get a ZIP (4MB) file
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