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Bastet: Egyptian Goddess Profile

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Bastet: Egyptian Goddess Book of Shadows Pages

Bastet printable pages for your Book of Shadows. Egyptian Goddess profile of Bastet , the feline cat Goddess of love, joy, motherhood and warfare. Ideal to add to your Grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Set of 2 printable pages on Egyptian deity Bastet, or Bast.

The Book of Shadows is one of the most important tools to a witch; it contains all of the knowledge and information that helps you grow in your craft.

These 2 Bastet printable grimoire pages contain a well researched and thoughtfully written bio for the cat Goddess Bastet (Bast), along with associations, symbols and epithets. They also contain a prayer to Bastet which is useful if you are looking to work with and honour her.

The files you download will be high quality, the versions in the listing have been scaled down.
Black and white, you can colour in the images as you desire.

This is a Bastet Book of Shadows instant download, for you to print at home as a PDF. You will be able to access two folders, one containing an A4 format for the UK & Europe, and one containing US Letter 8.5 x 11".
You will receive 2 unique, original pages that contains a basic deity profile framework of information regarding Bastet.

Suitable for UK and USA witches, these Book of Shadows printable pages are for personal use only and are not to be resold.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (5MB)
  • PDF (6MB)

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