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One on One SEO Coaching Calls

SEO Coaching geared to your needs

One-on-one SEO Coaching provides you with a good grounding in the principles of improving your site's search engine ranking through the implementation of SEO Best Practices. The SEO training is based on your site, not a generic site. The SEO Best Practices are proven to improve your site's search engine rankings and traffic in a short period of time.

These SEO Best Practices are the same we’ve followed since 1998 and have formed the SEO Guidelines for many major brands since 2010.

Our philosophy is to pass on to you, the small business operator/web entrepreneur the same knowledge we have used with major household names for the last decade.

What are SEO Best Practices?

SEO best practices are a set of tasks designed to help improve a website's search engine rankings. Common search engine optimization best practices include researching keywords, metadata optimization, and linking strategies, both internal and external.

SEO Best Practices also insure the site is findable, crawlable and indexable.

What is an SEO Best Practices SWOT Analysis?

An SEO Best Practices SWOT Analysis is at the core of the SEO Video Coaching sessions. The analysis is a deep dive into YOUR site and comparing it to established SEO Best Practices.

With the SEO Best Practices SWOT Analysis, we identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats on your current website.

We deliver this to you in an easy-to-understand format. We then have our initial coaching call. During the call, we will outline a plan of action on how you can improve your site to rank higher and generate more leads.

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