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Forced To Carry My Son's Baby

Now that Jack’s father was gone, it was time for my son to step up and be a man. I needed a forceful, dominant man to take me rough and rape my motherly cunt. Will Jack be that man?

Will he force me to carry his forbidden baby?


I'd always been a bit of a pushover. For whatever reason any man in my life could just walk all over me. To be honest it felt kind of good knowing that I didn't have to think much for myself, I could just obey orders and everything would work out.

Usually it was my husband who was bossing me around all the time. But ever since the accident, my 18-year-old son had taken over for him. Mom do this, mom do that. I would have to scramble to make sure everything was just perfect for Jack. He was such a demanding boy.

But like I said, I loved being at a man's beck and call. So, doing whatever my son wanted me to was a natural extension now that his father was no longer around.

Jack, however, wanted to test how far I'd be willing to go to obey him.

Would I let him fuck my married pussy and knock a baby in me?

"Okay, mom. It's time I took complete control of this family." Jack bounded in one day, flinging his college books on the sofa. "So far, you've been a good slave. Now I want you to service my sexual needs."

"Jack?" I gasped and put my hand over my motherly mouth. "You're not serious, are you?" But even as I questioned him, my pussy flooded with my mature juices. I was just 39 and still at my sexual prime. Jack wasn't his father, but I knew he'd treat me rough and force me to do all sorts of nasty things with him. My body was ready.

Jack grabbed me and pressed his lips to mine, forcing his tongue deep in my mouth. "Oh I'm serious, mom. I'm dead serious. Now get the fuck in the bedroom and prepare yourself to be raped by your son." He grabbed my hair and shoved me toward the bedroom.

Oh my God, I couldn't believe my own son was going to fuck me! I hoped he'd be rough and not give me any quarter. I was a slut and I was prepared to be punished by my son.

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