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Date Like A King

Why You NEED This Book

- Are you a man who is struggling to get a date or get laid?
- Do you use your hand as a vagina?
- Are you a man who lacks the confidence to even approach a woman?
- Are you a man who doesn't know what to say to women?
- Are you a nice guy who always ends up in the dreaded "Friend Zone?"
- Are you confused and don't understand how women think & operate?
- Do you want to know why women lust after the bad boys & assholes that they claim to hate?
- Do you want to learn how to become a REAL Alpha Male?
- Do you want to learn the ONLY way to become more successful with women?


This is NOT your traditional dating book. This book is not for the average man who is just looking for a bunch of pickup rhetoric and other manipulation tactics to try and trick a woman into sleeping with him. If that is the kind of asinine, childish material that you're looking for you should probably shop in the children's section. Most of you guys reading this are not ready for the information contained within this book because you are still boys trapped in men's bodies. Date Like A King is a book of royalty designed for the select few men out there who have the balls to become a King. The information contained within this book will challenge everything that you have been lead to believe about women, dating, sex, and relationships. Date Like A King is a brutally honest, no bullshit guide on all of the things that I just mentioned. If you feel that you're ready to step out of your comfort zone and travel down the road less traveled then come sit at my throne and let the King educate you so that you can become the King that you were born to be.

"Become The King That You Were Born To Be"

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$ 4.99

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