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DC Electronics Course 1 of 5

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Hello and Welcome

Thank you for thinking about learning Electronic. This course is course 1 of 5 and is  called DC Electronics. It is a complete course in it's self. The nice thing about all of the 5 courses as they may be taken at your convenience. Also no school enrolement and those huge class expenses and tuition. All 5 courses are the same as is taught in a Technical School. 

Electronics is a field that is stable and can not be exported? Most good high tech jobs with feet on the ground are like that. They physically need your body and experience and brains on site to do the work. Not many people are like you, as you are confident that you have the knowledge to get any thing done and to fix anything broken. Your field is electronics and it has prepared you for the digital age no matter
what field your are working in. You might be an AT&T technician, or work on precise medical equipment. You could be looking at all the equipment next to a cell tower, or figuring out why the optical fiber system is not working.

This course containe the following:

Note: each Module below contains a quiz.
The file is installed on your windows computer and will work on  Windows 7 to Windows 10.

  1. Introduction to DC Electronics
  2. Atoms and Electrons
  3. The Electrical Charge
  4. Electrical Units
  5. Electrical Components and Measurements
  6. Scientific Notation
  7. Metric and Engineering Notation
  8. Voltage
  9. Electrical Current
  10. Resistance
  11. Basic Circuit Measurememts
  12. The Electric Circuit
  13. Ohm's Law, Energy and Power
  14. Electrical Safety
  15. Series Circuits
  16. Parallel Circuits
  17. Series / Parallel Circuits
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You will get a EXE (75MB) file
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