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Junkyard Dog Collection: Books 1-3

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Contains novellas one, two, and three in the Junkyard Dog novella series.


Bounced through an asteroid field like a pinball, galaxy cop Rita King crashes her damaged star cruiser on a lifeless planet known only as B4629. Her troubles are just beginning . . .

Holding the spot of top pilot in the elite Red Barons leaves little time for anything else in Rita’s life. Maybe that’s why she missed the signs that all was not well in her world. Someone tampered with her ship. Someone who should have had her back. Someone she trusted.

Until Rita discovers who wants her dead and why, she will never be safe.


Monsters in the deep?

Rita King heads to the planet Harmos–her favorite destination for R & R– to recover from her recent ordeal. Harmos is all about blues and jazz clubs, fresh seafood, and a simple way of life. It reminds Rita of happier times spent on Earth with her parents.

Whenever she visits Harmos Rita always visits her friend Rose’s bath house. Rose is attacked during Rita’s visit, but Rose refuses to talk about it. Her only comment? ”They’re back.” The next day, Rose disappears.

Saving Rose means Rita must face a deep-seated fear, one that has haunted her most of her life.

One that might uncover the secret of the mysterious Kraken.


Rita King cannot let a mystery go unsolved.

Forced to hide from the law agency she had once dedicated her life to, she heads to the planet Weegan for ship repairs. But her friend warns her off. Refuses to let her land in his village.

Rita’s unerring nose for trouble won’t let her move on until she discovers the reason why.

A gripping tale of high stakes on a distant planet in the galaxy, Deadly Cargo delivers another adventure with space pilot Margarita King.
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