Creating Classes From Fun - Alun Jones and Fiona Cutts

by Alun Jones

When it comes to creating your classes and workshops how much fun is that for you? How much ease do you have when creating classes and workshops? It can be a struggle at times, right? What if getting out of conclusions and into the question is what would make it far more fun and much more easy?

Creating Classess From Fun was created by Alun Jones and Fiona Cutts originally as a free google hangout where they explored and played with possibilities to make class creation. You can find a replay of the hangout here:

As a result of the hangout, Alun and Fiona created some tools that you may find helpful in your class creations. They include the following four elements:

  • Clearings and processes audio (mp3 format)
  • Clearings and processes in writing (pdf format)
  • Questions to help you when creating your classes (pdf format)
  • Energy ball exercise audio (mp3 format)

The clearings and process were created to assist you in letting go of all the limitations and limiting beliefs you may have around creating classes with ease. They are provided in both written and audio format so that you can have them playing in the background on a loop.

The questions were designed to help you gain awareness of what's required and what will create most ease for you when creating your classes.

The energy ball exercise was created to help you pull generative energy into the classes you are creating and so actualise them with more ease than ever before - and hopefully with more fun too!

Fiona and Alun hope these tools and processes are a contribution to you enjoying what you create so that your life and business are more fun than you ever believed possible.

What else will be possible with your classes after playing with these tools and exercises that was not available to you before?

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (46KB)
  • PDF (58KB)
  • MP3 (6MB)
  • MP3 (8MB)

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