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You're Safe with Me

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Written by CHITRA SOUNDAR | Illustrated by MISTRY POONAM

When the moon rises high and the stars twinkle, it is bedtime for the baby animals of the Indian forest. But tonight, when the skies turn dark and the night grows stormy, the little ones can't sleep. SWISH-SWISH! CRACK-TRACK! FLASH-SNAP! goes the storm. Only Mama Elephant with her words of wisdom can reassure them, “You’re safe with me.”

Age: 3-7
Length: 32 pages
Genre: Picture book

'Motherly consolation meets folkloric Indian artwork in ’You’re Safe With Me,’ a picture book by Chitra Soundar with striking illustrations by Poonam Mistry.' – Wall Street Journal

'A stunning, reassuring bedtime story.' – Booklist

'Chitra Soundar’s text has the rhythm of a song, with call-like verses and response-like ’You’re safe with me’ chorus.' – Shelf Awareness

'With its short, rhythmic text and its rich, embellished, shiny pages with animals, flowers, and trees just waiting to be discovered, this is a reassuring yet inventive bedtime book.' – Kirkus Reviews
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