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Extracurricular - Book 3 (Trade Paperback)

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ISBN: 9781970093056  / Signal Press

In the third and final installment of the Extracurricular episodic series:

It's your child's senior year.
A private prep school's reputation is at stake.
A math teacher refuses to grade his final exams on a curve.
Students have only one more shot at the SAT before college applications are due.
And a few desperate parents have much more money than brains.

Lavinia’s death catalyzes a power play for control of  Ashbury Academy’s trustee board. Daniel’s covert actions, however, have Audrey questioning his vow to protect Lavinia’s legacy at the school.

The arrests resulting in the FBI’s investigation into Miranda’s college admissions fraud bring tragedy to some of the families involved, and unexpected opportunities to others.

Can Ashbury Academy survive this scandal?

An even bigger question:

Will Audrey’s marriage—and her family—fall apart after her long-held secret is finally revealed?