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Ketamine Kiss 3.0 (phys)

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♡drag their soul down to hell with a single spiked kiss from the one and only nasty Ketamine Kiss♡



♡ fully full body tested.

♡fully custom assets, (or highly edited) - yeah you wont see this shit on any other avatar. 

♡high customisation

♡50+ toggles

♡ workable gun, reloads

♡ custom follower teddy.

♡ all assets designed by me, made by best friend @bunsiu

♡hand drawn textures, rendered and designed by me 

BlurryVision#3636 - for unity

jumper made by bun. 

fluffy handcuffs designed me me, made by bun. 

hat designed by me, made by bun.

front chains desinged by me, made by bun.

shoes designed by me, made by bun.

eye textures, (me)

head - 

body - (edit by me, not for reuse)

hair - 

(pig tails, made by bun)

(poney tail, designed by me, made by bun)

back chains designed by me, made by bun.)

body textures -

nails -


gun designed by me, made by bun. 

bears diesgned by me, made by bun

follower designed by me, made by bun

cat ears - edited by me)

puppy ears -

puppy tails -

cat tail by bun

bunny tailed designed by me, made by bun

show case edited and shot by me, 


Does NOT come with SDK3, PoiyomiPro v7.3.029, or DPS Please provide your own
• rules •
Do NOT redistribute this package, join my server, once its gone, its gone. 
No reselling, sharing with friends, trading, or leaking
You are not allowed to upload with avatar to your account as public Do NOT buy this avatar for the purpose of taking assets of it

TOS update: DO NOT EDIT TEXTURES ONTO THIS AVATAR, THAT ARE NOT MINE, OR UNIS, OR HAND DRAWN BY YOU, IF YOU IGNROE THIS, IT CAN GET YOU BLACKLISTED. (dont be a petty and not tell me lol, i always find out, just be respectful.)





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Verified Buyer

3 months ago

baddest n most sluttiest of them all

man ket.. ket the type of person i'd want to choke slam me against the wall n call me a worthless whore or even ya know.. step on me. i'd even get on my knees n praise her. ket is literally the sexiest n baddest bitch, the type of sluttiest slut you'd want in your life. Like, who wouldn't want her??? she's literally perfection. ANYWAYS, i really do recommend this avi, heart did such an amazing job with her n i adore the avi sm. a lot of love n hard work was put into her


3 months ago


Immaculate coochie grip got that mentally ill gorilla grip


Verified Buyer

3 months ago

ket is hot

i wanna give ket the sloppiest absolutely drooling toe curling nail scratching tree humping blood boiling sweaty ball gripping scrumptious head of her life


5 months ago


i love her sooo much but when i use the big sweater some parts of it its transparent, help pls


Verified Buyer

5 months ago

beautiful aviii!

this is a great avatar if you play on pc and or pcvr because of how many options it has to change the appearance. however i do wish it had more things to choose from on quest. the quest version of this avi isnt the greatest, it doesnt have very many physbones. and half of the toggles do not work. overall a great avi! just wish it had more on quest 💕

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