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This is a program to KICKSTART you into becoming the Healthiest & Fittest version of yourself!

It’s a SIMPLE 10 day program that will assist your body to detox of any refined sugars, processed food and excess carbs you aren’t burning. It is NOT a DIET, but more so a plan. You know how to eat scrambled egg whites, tuna, chicken & broccoli and chances are you are over it even though you know it gets the results! (To be honest so am I lol)

I give you the meal suggestions and you have the freedom choose what would suit your taste, time & budget. You can also choose the quantity of each serve. If you are still hungry- increase your serving size, in moderation (as long as you don’t add any additional ingredients or condiments).

Where you see a (G) those are meals that would suit anyone following the Gym Program. Why? Because they have Complex Carbohydrates (ie. Sweet Potato/Oats/ Brown Rice)  that will assist your body in maintaining energy to build lean muscle.  A (*) Indicates meals made in bulk and leftovers can be used.

If you are following the home based program, your training is more HIIT and Bootcamp style based; therefore your goal would be more focused on Burning Fat. So in order to do this, decreasing your carb intake for 10 days will really give your body a boost and chance to burn your current Body Fat as energy!

Workout whenever you want. Don’t worry about the timing of meals. I want you to get in the habit of Exercising everyday, Eating Healthy meals and prepping food! Get in these habits over the next 10 days and you will be on the road to success for your ongoing goals!


My aim for you after the 10 days…

• You will be eating regular meals (boosting your metabolism),

• You would have Detoxed off refined sugars and processed food.

• You have increased your Fibrous Carb Intake (vegetables).

• You will be in the habit of exercising daily.

• You will be more motivated & feel more energized, healthy & determined to continue with your good nutrition and regular exercise after the 10 days.


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A$ 18.95

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