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Love and philosophy are two different entities. When it merged it will raise a new word called philovesophy. You will not find it in dictionary because the word doesn’t exist. After all, Philovesophy exist to the specific people who believe its existence.

Love has many interpretations, meaning, definition and classification according to any individual. Something in common was it needed at least two things; entity being love and entity giving love.

However in this unique story based on Malaysian environment, I try to write a story from my point of view about a couple which is deeply in love. The true reason I wrote their story is because I need to explain the meaning of Philovesophy from the experience of their love story.

It is not necessary for you to read about it and understand the whole idea. The concept of the word is the main purpose for this book to be written as it is.

Well, every love story ended in happy feelings. I rather not tell you how it will end because I do believe you will prefer to get to know it by yourself. One thing I can share with you, the story is really straightforward from the start. Not many conflicts you will find in this book, just feelings, love and Philovesophy inclusive in every chapter. No stress, no migraine, no problem, just explore the excitement and full of love!

The story began with the main character bumped into each other at the park. Then, the story continues from there and evolved throughout the journey. 

Find out more by reading the rest of the story.
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