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Detective Madison Knight Mysteries Box Set Two: Books 4-6

Find justice for more victims with Madison Knight.

Do you love trying to figure out whodunit? How about investigating alongside police detectives from the crime scene to the forensics lab and everywhere in between? Do you love a strong female lead? Then I invite you to meet Detective Madison Knight as she solves murders with her male partner, utilizing good old-fashioned investigative work aided by modern technology.

In this box set, enjoy books 4, 5, and 6 in the Detective Madison Knight series.

Found Innocent (Detective Madison Knight series #4)

She wanted to leave her past behind, but it may have followed her…

A young woman’s remains are found in a shallow grave, and as Detective Madison Knight and her partner follow the clues, they find a connection between her murder and a death ruled as a suicide. It puts Madison in a difficult situation—she suspects the first victim was killed as well. In order to unearth the truth, she may need to cross the line most cops wouldn’t dare and report a fellow officer for mishandling a case.

Doing so only becomes more complicated when that officer turns out to be Madison’s ex-fiancé, and he has more on his mind than a mark on his record. He wants Madison back. But all she wants is justice for the victims. And if that means jeopardizing departmental relationships and churning up the attention of an old flame, so be it—because if she doesn’t, the guilty may be found innocent.

Just Cause (Detective Madison Knight series #5)

One cold case could be what kills her…  

Eight years ago, a young defense attorney was murdered, shot down in his driveway. Detective Madison Knight’s suspicions immediately led her to the Russian Mafia, but with no concrete way of proving their involvement, she had to let the case go. Now that new evidence has surfaced, she’s ready to flip things on their head and get justice once and for all—even if that means making herself an enemy of the mob.

But it’s not just them she has to worry about. As her investigation continues, the body count stacks up, and she uncovers that someone within the upper echelons of the Stiles PD just might be in bed with the Mafia. Assuming she can stay alive long enough, will she have to the courage to expose the corruption and finally close her cold case? 

Deadly Impulse (Detective Madison Knight series #6)

It’s all in the state of mind...

Detective Madison Knight wishes she’d just pulled the trigger and killed the Russian Mafia hit man when she had the chance. But there’s no time machine, no going back. Now’s she’s living in hell, suffering debilitating flashbacks, and not feeling fit to do her job.

But when the suspicious death of a sixty-eight-year-old woman becomes a murder case, it activates Madison’s sense of duty and compulsion to find justice. What she discovers, though, will shake her faith in humanity and remind her that trusting the wrong person can reap harsh consequences. Madison must reach deep inside to find the strength to keep going. If she doesn’t, the killer will walk free, and she’ll risk losing the two things she holds most dear: her badge and her boyfriend.

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