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Yoga tales - Foteini Dimitriou

Through a tale you take a shortcut to life.

A tale is an attitude to life. It is the starting point, since our early age, to simply realize that the heroes of our lives are ourselves. Everything is possible if we lead a life full of kindness, love, discipline, repentance, truth, without selfishness, non-violence and unprejudiced.

There is no truth that cannot be expressed in a comprehensive way. Simplicity of speech shows clarity of thinking. Indian Philosophy, where Yoga stems from, does not intend to persuade us, but to make us live, feel, and exercise. Its aim is to channel our energy for the good and kindness, so it can return to us with greater clarity in our mind. It can strengthen our souls in an endless stream. In Yoga, practice teaching aims at the development of physical and spiritual states that can lead us to meet our ultimate truth and help us live with it.

Through her tales, Foteini Dimitriou , Yoga Instructor, is addressed to all of us through her personal practice and experience. These tales lead us to spiritual paths, without misunderstanding but with simplicity, as great things in life are simple too. In these tales, there is always a moral sense alias every tale has a moral sense itself, as it always happens with many tales and myths. Everything that man needs to survive can be found in our natural environment because nature has generously offered all the necessities man needs in his life like the trees, the birds, the animals, etc. and that is why many asana in Yoga are named after animals (dog, lion, snake, etc.). There are symbols and symbolisms that can be understood by everybody, and these symbols are greater than words because they remain or <are greater than words>> (Manolis Anagnostakis - Greek poet). The titles of the tales are also symbolic, as the names of the heroes that mainly come from the natural environment (Pearl , the Bean boy, the Sun, etc.). As tales activate memory mechanisms, a result of their simplicity of form, they were spread all over the world, just because there is a human need for them in every place and in every era. 

A tale is a symbol. It is one of the obvious words that is not shown only through one picture, but through
thousand different ones, which are simultaneously same for everyone. Reciting these tales from adults and children is not a practice but a way of quality of life. Every single tale may contain whatever is inside a
human mind. Everybody can enrich and paraphrase it, according to their needs and to the environment they live in.

Deus ex Machina in tales, is our own effort, after it is balanced with our needs and desires and as the  tepping stone for every practice is patience and persistence, will appear. All ten tales of this book focus on human faults and weaknesses and reveal the great benefits of a happy life. Finally, they show that knowledge and acceptance of our weaknesses and flaws is the first and most crucial step to look ahead, to the light that every day rises when we long for it and call it for guidance. It is a challenge to follow the paths of these tales that Foteini Dimitriou applies to Yoga. Their heroes are next door people familiar to us, but at the same time strangers, just like our unfamiliar part of our self should become familiar.

These tails also contain educational elements for children (dramatization, reciting, etc.). In addition, they are meant for adults showing them the way to live happily and for future generations ever after.

Dimitris Abouris

Poet, Founder of Academy of poetry and fairytales, Athens - Greece

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