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How I Fought Type 2 Diabetes and Won

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Welcome to my book on "How I Fought Type 2 Diabetes and Won". I would like to start by saying what I offer in this small book is not medical advice. If you choose to follow any of the things I did over the last 45 years of having type 2 diabetes, I would suggest you speak with your doctor. I am making no suggestions that you might consider and will by no means be responsible for your personal health.

This book is about what I did and what I personally perceived as helpful to me. Actually it's a story that I hope you enjoy reading.

Is there a cure for type 2 diabetes? My answer is probably no. Diabetes is one of those backdoor diseases. It’s always back there lurking and always ready to jump out and consume you if you feed it. I have been in remission of this horrible debilitating disease many times in the last 45 years or more. It’s still there and if I am not careful it will show its ugly face at any time. Once you realize that, then defeating it will be much easier. Also, drugs will not cure it as there is no cure. Drugs only mask it and do not really address the reason. With that information and knowledge I could now make a plan.

This book is then my story about what I did.

So is possible to live my life with normal blood sugar? The answer is yes, but it took years and almost death to make me look at what was happening in my life.

NOTE: Please excuse my use of the English language. My English teachers if they are still alive are probably lamenting their failure to do much with me.

NOTE 2: This has been a joy for me to write. While it is not advice, hopefully you see something worthwhile in all the words in this short little book.
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