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AUDIOBOOK - How To Buy Real Estate For Less Than $1,000 Without Debt or Wholesaling or Get Paid JUST For Trying!

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The most known of all the foundations of wealth is Real Estate Investing! This has been a way for all people regardless of their past or current socioeconomic situation to be able to create and build their wealth for themselves as well as for generations to come.That being said however, credit and a lack of funds prevents many from believing they too can make money by investing in real estate. This book was written to dispel that myth once and for all. 

Do you want to know the most affordable way to get into real estate with a small budget without wholesaling or taking on debt? Tax sale investing, is the answer! Whether you heard of it before or are brand new to the subject matter this Ebook will tell you everything you need to know to get started tax sale investing and how to make money just for trying whether you purchase a property or not.

Initially introduced to him by his uncle, tax sale investing has been and will continue to be a way the author invests in real estate. JT prides himself in being a practitioner not a teacher. That means that he believes that those that teach how to do things should actively be doing it themselves to ensure they're providing the most up to date and practical ways of doing business. Teachers get paid regardless just for regurgitating information. Practitioners only get paid if the information is right! Take confidence in knowing that this was writing by a practitioner for practitioners! Not from a teacher, to a student. Let's get this money TOGETHER!

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