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This Brand Shamans Brand Healing package includes the following tools for brand development success:

✨✨✨ FREE Sponsored Interview (placed on a popular website in our network)

✨✨✨ FREE Brand Analysis (one-card tarot or oracle reading and analysis of your brand's website and social media presence)

✨✨✨ 30 minute e-consultation on your brand as a whole, including pluses and areas where you can improve.

✨✨✨ FREE examination and rewrite of one blog post or two social media posts (geared toward what we determine your audience wants)

✨✨✨ FREE detailed examination and report of what your audience wants that you can improve on

✨✨✨ Examination and rewrite of up to 5 pages of website text (and your website's meta description & keywords on up to 5 pages)

✨✨✨ Design refresh of your Weebly, Blogger, Wix, or WordPress website

✨✨✨ Redesign of your company logo (including uploading it to your website's logo and favicon slot, as well as getting it uploaded to your social media profiles)

✨✨✨ Optional bonus healing talisman handcrafted by Intent-sive Nature

✨✨✨ The equivalent of maintenance on up to three social media profiles for one month (making at least two posts on each five days per week and answering messages and comments)i

✨✨✨ One month's worth of brand spirituality email coaching (Q&A and recommendations on what to do to better engage with your audience, including discussions about your brand's mission and whether you are meeting it or not)

✨✨✨ Three-card tarot reading to finalize the service and summarize the future outlook for your brand.


Hit "Buy Now" and complete your small investment into your brand's big future!

Let the Brand Shamans take your brand down its own healing path toward success. What you receive via any Brand Shamans service and product is nothing like ordinary branding consultation or services. We use our unique spiritual healing techniques, combined with years of experience in branding, social media and and content to help you and your audience connect on a much deeper level than you ever imagined. Are you ready for this level of success and connection? Take a look at all of our services, try them out, and find out!

*All branding consultation services are geared toward toward creating a lasting connection between your brand and your audience.

Learn more about us at

** We help: big companies, small companies, bloggers, authors, web writers, website owners, web store owners, product launchers, and more! If you offer a product (digital or physical) or service, you are a brand and we can help you connect with your audience to help increase sales and engagement.

What's Included in the Brand Healing Platinum Package and Why Do You Need It?

Ever feel like you aren't getting through to your audience the way you should be? Maybe you have targeted people you feel should be interested but they aren't biting. Maybe little to no visitors notice what you have and it's  a product or service that should blow the competition out of the water. No matter what you feel you are missing, we can help get you on the right track.

The Brand Shamans have been providing brand-related services since 2005. This expertise, combined with our unique insight into the ways various people feel and think can help get your brand on the right track in no time.

Our Sponsored Interview is one of our most popular services, as it gets you and your brand out to a larger targeted audience right away. Next, a Brand Analysis takes a look at your online presence. What is your website and social media strategy missing that you could be marketing or taking advantage of? What are you doing right that could be expanded upon? Our 30-minute e-consultation that is included with several of our branding packages can help uncover these areas, along with the brand analysis.

No matter how good someone is at content, there is always room for improvement. When you order the Brand Healing Platinum Package, you also get FREE examination and rewrite of one blog post or two social media posts. We'll also examine and rewrite up to 5 pages of website text, your meta description, and update and input your keywords and keyphrases, if necessary. These will be edited for grammar, spelling, SEO, your mission, and your overall audience reach.

Speaking of audience reach, with this branding service, you also get FREE detailed examination of your audience, including a report on wants, needs, and areas to improve upon. This is a more detailed version of the brand analysis.

A brand is very hard to reach without a website. But that website needs to be optimally designed and written for the best audience reach and engagement. With this platinum brand healing package, you'll also get an entire design refresh of your Weebly, Blogger, Wix, or WordPress website. This service entails switching out your old look for a fresher look and feel that is more targeted to your ideal audience. We'll also redesign your company's logo for appeal.

Once the designs, website text, and SEO are finished, we will provide an entire month's worth of social media maintenance on up to three social media profiles. This includes making at least two posts per profile for five days per week, as well as answering comments and messages regarding those posts.

We also include a whole 30 days worth of brand spirituality email coaching.  This means we discuss tips on how you can continue what we started for you, answer questions, and even discuss your brand's mission and whether it's being met. If we determine it's not, we can help you strategize even deeper to help you make that happen. Some of this will happen in the initial analysis, but the coaching involves deeper questioning and strategizing to be sure your audience gets and stays engaged with your brand in the ways you both want and need.

Optional Brand Healing Finale:

We understand that not everyone is interested in this portion of our service. This is why it's optional. Once the above is finished, we can make you a handcrafted custom healing talisman, based upon your brand's mission. Some may also call this a lucky charm, while some may have other names for it. It is something you carry with you to represent and realize your brand's mission and dreams. We will use this talisman to draw you a 3-card tarot reading to finalize your services and summarize the future outlook and guidance for optimal success of your brand.



What exactly is spiritual branding? To be honest, it's completely different for each company, even though the basics are the same. This is because each company will have its own true purpose, as well its own target audience. Our role is to observe your brand in action to find out where your brand needs some healing. In order to connect with your audience properly, you have to engage them. This is where many brands end up confused because not everyone knows how to create something people want to connect with. That's where we come in. We consult with you to help you find your brand's inner spirit - your brand's personality and purpose. In order to connect with your audience, you need to show this at all times.

While this could be something religious if that's what your brand is about, the spirit we are talking about here is not tied to a specific religion or even any at all. We are talking about your brand as its own entity or person when we use the word spirit.

Still not sure what brand spirituality might be?

Read "What is Brand Spirituality? Why You Need It!"
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