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I Caught Sis With A Dog Cock In Her Mouth!

What on earth was my 18-year-old sister doing with the family dog every evening after her shower? I didn’t know, but I intended to find out.

Sneaking into her room while she was showering, I set up my phone to record whatever it was.

Not only did I catch her in the act of making out with the family dog, but now I had blackmail material.

What could I get her to do?


It was something that had always been a mystery to me. Every evening my 18-year-old sister, Jinx, would take a shower and then lead our large black Lab, Bruce, into her room where they'd remain for an hour or so, then she'd let him out.

Day after day this happened and I grew curiouser and curiouser. What was going on? I didn't think she was taking a nap or anything. Maybe she was playing fetch or something? I really didn't think so, but I had to know.

One night I had finally decided to find out. I grabbed my phone, waited until she was in the middle of her shower, then slipped in her room and positioned myself just perfectly in her closet so I could see what was going on.

I felt like such a spy!

The wait seemed interminable. I put the phone on mute and passed the time playing some games, but holy hell how long did it take to wash yourself off? Finally, my heart thundered in my chest as I heard the shower click off and my sister whistle as she began drying herself.

I glanced around to make sure I couldn't be seen, got my phone camera going to record and waited.

I didn't have to wait much longer. Sis popped into the room wearing nothing more than a towel around her waist and small chest, our faithful black lab bounding excitedly behind her.

My heart was pounding so fast and hard I was certain they could hear me. Bruce came over and sniffed me and I held my breath hoping he wouldn't give me away. But Jinx was too busy taking off her towel to care what the dog was sniffing at.

I watched my gorgeous sister disrobe, letting the towel fall to the floor. She admired herself in the mirror, turning this way and that, pushing her breasts up and inspecting them, no doubt hoping they'd grown overnight.

My cock pulsed and shifted in my pants as I saw my 18-year-old sister naked for the first time. Oh sure, I'd caught glimpses before, but never had I seen the entire package.

She inspected every inch of her body. Her bubble butt, her breasts, her smooth cunny, everywhere. And I was getting it all on video.

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