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"No, I have a better idea, Stacia said, "I'll take you to the dealership and have them reset your computer, completely erase your memory. Maybe even have them install a completely new chip installed instead?"
Stacia had just threatened the car with death itself. “Red” had a self-preservation module built into its bio-metrics that could not be overridden. Now it was in survival mode. She had threathed the car while still inside it, this was where she was most vulnerable, now she was trapped.

Suddenly the seat belt covered Stacia and she couldn’t move.

Then the seat started to recline forward, as she struggled to free herself from the seatbelt and she started kicking wildly until it wrapped around her legs and trapped them, now Stacia felt like she was hogtied.
Out of the front of the dashboard a long plastic tube came out from an opening in the dashboard. And opening she didn't even know existed.

What was it???

Did it mean to insert that thing into her mouth, but why???

Suddenly the seat massager turned on by itself, it was directly underneath her sex, and stimulated her in a slow deliberate, repeated and teasing motion.

Sometimes when she was in the shower she had a removable shower head and the water pulsed the same way, and she would use it on her clit when she needed to get off in a hurry right before work. That’s what this felt like now. She licked her lips subconsciously.

That’s when “Red” finished extending its tube into her mouth.

It went all the way to the back of her throat, and for just a second she thought the car meant to impale her. Maybe the Artificial Intelligence had given the car the ability to think for itself but this car just happened to be homicidal.

Maybe this car with its Artifical Intelligence, didn’t like humans, maybe it was jealous of humans, because it wanted to be a human but never could be. Now that it had become self aware, it decided human were inferior to it, and that it did not want to serve.

It would kill all human beings because they were a threat to its existence, one unsuspecting owner at a time if necessary. And Stacia, his first owner, would be just the first in a long line of victims.


by Jason Kondrath

Copyright 2018

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