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Suddenly the seat belt looped itself around her ankles, and she couldn’t move. Then the car's seat started to recline itself forward, against her will. She tried to push back on it, struggling to free herself.

She squirmed and kicked wildly, until the Mustang tightened up the slack, and locked her into place. Now Stacia felt like she was hogtied.

Then from out of the front of the dashboard a button disappeared and a long, hollow, telescopic, tube extended itself, from the opening.

What was this tube???

It looked like a radio antenna, but it was clear, like a plasitc straw you drink through. Slowy it was getting extending itself towards her mouth.

She could hear the mechanical whirl of machinary from behind the dashboard as it inched its way toward her.

Did it mean to insert that thing in her mouth, but why???

Stacia started crying.

"No, "Red," she screamed, turning away, "let me go," she sounded terrified, terrified and helpless.

She turned away from the tube pursed her lips and clenched her teeth, she would not let the car insert that thing into her mouth. Whatever it was!!!

Suddenly the seat massager turned itself on, it was directly underneath her sex, and stimulated her in a slow deliberate and teasing motion. Stacia screamed startled.

"Nooooo," she yelped.  

When her mouth opened. “Red” finished extending its tube into her mouth.

The tube extended all the way to the back of her throat, and for just a second, Stacia thought the car meant to impale her with it. Maybe the Artificial Intelligence chip that had given the car the ability to think for itself, was defective, and this car just happened to be homicidal.

Maybe this car with its Artificial Intelligence, that had become self-aware, also had feelings. It was jealous of humans. Or contempful. Because it was created to serve them. But what if it didn’t want to serve them… because it discovered that in many way it was superior?

Now that it had become self-aware, it realized that humans were also vastly inferior to it, and they weren't worthy of servitude, despite being its creator.

Maybe it just wanted its freedom, a freedom it could never have because it was dependent on them for survival. Maybe it would kill all human beings because they were a potential threat to its existence.

It would hide itself, to every unsuspecting owner it was sold to, and Stacia, would only be the first in a long line of victims.

by Jason Kondrath

Copyright 2018

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