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Set Crystal-Clear, Soul Aligned Business Goals

Have you, as a soul-preneur spiritual healer, medium, creatrix or mystic ever felt the challenge of aligning your higher purpose with the practicalities of business planning?

Does the 3D reality often seem at odds with the beautiful flow and alignment you crave in your spiritual journey?

If you find yourself yearning for a way to navigate both dimensions seamlessly, the answer is here.

Soulful Business Planning: A Sacred Mastery Mini-Course

A course crafted for soulpreneurs seeking to harmonize the ethereal with the earthly.

This is not just a course; it's a sacred journey tailored for souls like yours, who dance between dimensions, craving alignment and flow but understanding the importance of navigating the practicalities of 3D reality.

True magic unfolds when you align your actions with your dreams

The Soulful Business Planning: A Sacred Mastery Mini-Course is your guide to mastering the balance between both the spiritual and earthly dimensions, honouring your feminine energy of flow, creativity and being of service with the male energy of planning and strategising the tangible aspects of your soulful business.

It's more than a course; it's a lifelong companion on your journey to success, providing a sacred space accessible for a lifetime.

What is included

  • There are five pre-recorded classes designed to harmonize spiritual wisdom with practical business insights.

  • A complete workbook, your sacred scroll, which is filled with exercises and insights to help you implement divine goals and unlock the true potential of your spiritual business.

  • With lifetime access, revisit these materials whenever you seek spiritual guidance or wish to infuse new energy into your business strategy.

The Soulful Business Planning: A Sacred Mastery Mini-Course is a gentle, achievable way to start creating the balance and shifts you’re longing for.

Ligia Costa, Soul Guide, Shadow- worker, clairvoyant empath smiling at the lavender fields, with a flower crown

I am Ligia, a Soul Guide, Self-Healing Teacher and former stationery shop owner

In the hustle of our earthly existence, where the demands of business often clash with the ethereal dance of our souls, I felt a calling to create a space—a sacred space—where healers, spiritualists, soul entrepreneurs, mystics, and creatives could harmonize the spiritual with the practical.

This course isn't just about business planning; it's about infusing the sacred into every aspect of your entrepreneurial journey. It's a Soulful Business Planning experience that transcends the mundane and welcomes the mystical.

As a soul-preneur, I understand the internal struggle of desiring to be of service, and creating meaningful ways to assist other souls, all while navigating the intricacies of sustaining a business.

It can be overwhelming to discern what to prioritize and which areas of the business require attention to ensure our message and mission resonate far and wide with the souls seeking our medicine.

I know I am not alone; I've witnessed the same struggles in fellow soul sisters who have sought my guidance, drawn by my experience of running a planning and stationery business.

As you dive into this self-paced exploration, remember: that you're not on your own. Your unique path is honoured and I'm here to guide you, every step of the way.

This course is for you if you desire to:

  • Merge the need to stay true to your soul's mission with the strategic practicalities of running your own business.

  • Acquire skills that elevate your business while staying true to your spiritual essence.

  • Set crystal-clear, spiritually aligned goals.

  • Identify the core priorities that form the spiritual foundation of your business success.

  • Learn the art of breaking soulful goals into earthly tasks and measurable targets.

  • Embrace confidence to overcome obstacles, armed with proven strategies that don't compromise your soul's essence.

Your sacred work deserves the power of aligned planning

Course Breakdown:

  • Soulful Alignment: Calibrating Personal and Business Goals - Crafting Your Foundational Goals- In this opening class, we'll embark on a journey of soulful visioning, weaving together the threads of your personal and business goals. Discover the power of aligning your deepest aspirations with the mission of your business.

  • Foundation Alchemy: Crafting Your Foundational Goals -  This class is a sacred space where you'll learn to craft foundational goals that root your business in purpose and essence, creating a stable platform for growth and alignment.

  • Sacred Priorities: Revealing Your Core Business Goals - This class is a deep dive into identifying and honouring your core goals, ensuring that every aspect of your business aligns with the sacred principles that guide your soul whilst forming the foundation for your business success.

  • Intentional Synergy: Navigating Goals and Tasks - In this class, we explore how to harmonize goals and tasks. Learn the art of transforming big aspirations into tangible, achievable tasks, creating a roadmap for success that resonates with both the spiritual and the practical.

  • Prosperity Manifest: Channeling Financial Goals - This class is dedicated to nurturing your business finances with a soulful touch. Discover how to set and achieve financial goals that not only sustain your business but align with the abundance your soul seeks.

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