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Alex Fletcher waits for life.

One more year and he can move away, stop wearing hoodies to hide the bruises, self-inflicted scars and his sexuality. No one knows him, no one sees him, until Chris Bacon shows him how to laugh, dance, live life in the moment, out and proud. The lesson that life is too short hits harder than one of his dad’s punches. Living the dream, being visible, is a step too far without chemical help.

Doctor, paramedic, drug counselor, Nate Cooper is haunted by the brother he failed to save. Bringing Alex back to life on the floor of a gay nightclub is only the first step. Peeling away the layers to find the real Alex means blurring the lines between age, upbringing, social position, and the patient/doctor relationship. Is Alex worth wrecking his career and giving up his addiction of saving lives?

Contains triggers for drug use, domestic abuse, self-harm, and social anxiety.

Note: If high angst isn't your thing, run away!

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