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Timer is the perfect timing software for computer control hydroponics, relays, solenoids or lights from a computers printer/parallel port. This program enables the PC to connect to the outside world by using the parallel or printer port LPT1.

  • Controls in real time via computer with ON, OFF and Auto modes. A click of the mouse and your sprinklers can be watering, turn a light on, the options are endless.
  • User friendly software.
  • Save money with unbreakable software compared to expensive timer controllers. Connect an old computer with a relay card, a few solenoids and a printer cable to end the frustration of timers.
  • 24 channels/zones available. Access to 39 channels (24 outputs and 15 inputs)
  • Easier to program than traditional controllers and timers
  • Save on water and power bills. Be able to fine tune the exact amount of time a solenoid or relay turns on or off saving you valuable water and power.
  • 24 hour cyclic timing range with day scheduling using 1 second to 12 hour switching for ON times. Timer can take control of Ventilation, Pumps, Heating and Cooling, and Light Cycles (e.g. 16-18 hrs light, 6-8 hrs dark) depending on your needs.
After purchasing you will receive a purchased licence key.
You will get a TXT (151B) file
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