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Lead Magnet Delivery Sequence Workbook

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So, you did the work of getting your lead magnet (freebie) together (congrats!), buuut now you need the emails that will nurture your audience into a potential buyer. 🤔

This Lead Magnet Email Sequence Workbook is the perfect super-powered companion for Coaches, Course Creators, and Service Providers. It'll guide you through the entire email copywriting process, from delivering your freebie to nurturing your audience towards your upsell. 

Here's everything you get: 😮
  1. Professional email copywriting and marketing tips
  2. A 5-part email sequence strategy build
  3. 6 trackers - 1 for your overall strategy and 1 per email
  4. Headline ideas
  5. Preview copy tips
  6. Body copy guidance
  7. Closing recommendations
  8. Sample email example of every piece of copy
  9. Email platform ideas
  10. What stats to track to stay organized
  11. What to do after you write your emails
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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