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I've got 99 problems but a Mitch ain't one...

A friends-to-lovers, fake-boyfriend romance

Dear Aunt Truth:  Thanks for taking the time to answer me.

I got 99 problems but a Mitch ain’t one. (Heh—he’s my ex.) My life is complicated. I have enough trouble dealing with my jerk of a boss, my overbearing parents, an awful bridesmaid’s dress, and my wayyyy too sexy downstairs neighbor. He’s the real problem.

The good news is we’re friends. Xavier is smart, kind, and heck, I’ll say it—beyond nice to look at. But when my mom forces me into a plus-one situation for my sister’s wedding, I lie and tell her I’m bringing Xavier—my new (fake) boyfriend.

He’s up for tricking my parents, especially if I return the favor with his mom, acting as his new (again, fake) girlfriend. Except somehow I find myself liking him a lot more than I should. And, well, things are getting heated, especially in the bedroom. I’m falling in love. And I’m not sure what to do about it…

Falling for 2C

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