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Men Living with Meaning: Individuation - The Call to the Adventure

Men Living with Meaning is a 10-part series addressing personal development for men. It is a collection of raw experiences, failures, successes, insights and understandings that provide a framework for a modern male rite of passage.

In Volume 1, the premise of Men Living with Meaning is outlined. We explore the problems and challenges faced by modern man. By clearly defining the problems we are free to examine possibilities and put an end to much of the aimless wandering and loss of purpose that the mass of men tend to suffer from...

The themes addressed in Volume 1 are:

1. Individuation: the inductive process of personal transformation and integration based upon Jungian psychology

2. Beginnings: an objective assessment of the current state of collective masculinity

3. The Call: how to recognize what Joseph Campbell referred to as the call to the “soul’s high adventure”

4. Preparation: leaving the “participation mystique” and beginning the inner journey by removing the social constructs of fear, shame and guilt

5. Self-Design: deconstruction of who you are and the application of apophetic knowledge to who you are not

6. Foresight: how to apply triangulation to your life and begin with the end in mind

7. The External World: understand the power of the collective unconscious and the impact of collectivism upon the individual

8. The Internal World: understand how heartbreak and the female initiation into the mysteries is the primary catalyst that begins the inner journey for many men

9. Potential Outcomes: how to self-actualize while managing chaos and uncertainty

10. Bigger Picture: finding your cause to champion and the motivation to endure challenges and circumstances

The underlying purpose of this series is to condense a process that has taken the author more than 10 years to develop. His goal is to provide men with a framework for self-design that results in a life path that is purpose-driven.

Although written with men in mind, the author highly recommends that women read this book as a way to better understand men how men can work through their demons in the pursuit of a life of significance. This series also serves as a powerful personal development map for a mother raising her sons to be men who live with integrity and purpose.

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