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The (3) Layers of Meditation

In this (52 minute) class, Amy is going to teach you the three layers of meditation. In her work, she has come to find there are 3 distinct layers to the practice of meditation. This class is focused on teaching you each layer and understanding what is happening in the mind, body and energy behind each one. 

You will also learn:

> Misguided information about the practice of meditation
> The real benefits of meditation (silent vs. guided)
> Common meditative faux pas!
> How meditation is a TOOL, not a replacement for emotional support, guidance and processing to understand and shift behavior patterns.

This will help you:
> Fully understand your energy before, during and after meditation
> Know the true (energetic, mental, physical) benefits of meditation
> Understand how meditation impacts your physical well-being
> Understand your thoughts and reactions more
> Understand any resistance you have towards meditating
> Understand any meditation struggles you've encountered
> Allow the true energetic process to unfold during your meditation practice(s)

*This class was previously recorded live on Instagram Live. Q+A with Amy during this class is no longer available. 


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