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Abundant Hope Collection #3 : A Christian Inspirational series by an award winning USA Today bestselling author.

Brilliant stories full of hope, faith, second chances, and family, dotted with tear-jerking & heartwarming inspirational moments. Dive in and you might lose some sleep with heartwarming reading.


His friend's sister is kidnapped and he is forced back home. Between catching a murderer, and  mending fences with the woman he loved—and left—can Broken Falls accommodate them, drama-free?

Dean Summers has spent his career protecting the President as a Secret Service Officer. Now, working as a private security expert, his friend's sister is kidnapped, along with two of her friends, and a collision with dangerous escapees led to surprising revelations. 

Dean joins the chase for their rescue when, at a crucial point, bad news from home sends him reeling. He is good at what he does, but will this new problem unravel him or give him a chance to catch an old criminal that slipped through his dad's hands? 


She is kidnapped and forced into slavery. He is intent on bringing her home, and then letting her go—but God had better plans—plans that reveal their ugly pasts for healing, and present them with new & daring choices.

Ashley Prescott only wished to find the person who murdered her mother and to bring them to justice. In the process, she finds herself the target of a criminal, who was bent of keeping her from her goal. She is kidnapped, and forced into lifestyles that are less than flattering. 

When she grows desperate and finds herself alone, will she reach out to the God whom her friends believed, or will she give up on God's ability to grant her a fresh start?

As a former Secret Service Officer and now working as a private security expert, Kevin Russell took his job seriously—but his history could unravel his future if he let it.

When his history surfaces at an in-opportune moment, will he choose to flee or will he allow God to write a new chapter for him and the woman who has captured his heart?

Dive into this beloved series by USA Today bestselling author Joy Ohagwu, hailed as a top 17 Christian Fiction Author, stories applauded by thousands, and hope-filled adventure and don't stop until you flip the last page. 
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