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Training The Untouchable Donkey

Learn how to approach and train an untouchable donkey

Untouchable to Loveable!

Watch me train this untouchable donkey and use his story to help you train your own untouchable rescue donkey. Using positive methods so you build a relationship and not tear down trust more.

A rescue donkey has sometimes been through very traumatizing expriences. They don't trust easy!

But they can learn to trust again and will!!!

With this course you will see from beginning to end me train Gucci. A donkey caught in the slaughter pipeline going from auction to auction.

You'll get 15 videos documenting all his progress and how I had to individualize my usual foundation training to fit what Gucci needed.

As a bonus and so you understand my training methods better, you'll Also get my Foundation training PDF with more training videos!

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Training the Untouchable Donkey: Complete Case Study with Bonuses!

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