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The last thing Helmet was looking for was romance, the last thing Toby was looking for was a father, but Toby’s mother had other ideas.

Helmut a traveling blogger from Germany is searching for his next big story. When he comes across a single mother with a son who dreams of saving the world Helmut realizes he has met a kindred spirit.

As Helmut develops an eco-friendly bond with Toby he falls for Toby’s mother. Toby however doesn’t “do” sharing and would rather have his eyes gouged out than another father. The friendship crumbles and when Toby and Helmut are thrown together to help with the local pantomime Toby pulls his best teenage sulk until a pole dancer appears. Toby’s hormones tip him over the edge, he can't think straight let alone close a stage curtain and it is up to Helmut to save the performance.

Does Helmut rise to the challenge win back Toby and mother? Or does his German accent get in the way?

Panto Girl is the third novella in the Diva Diaries series. A laugh-a-minute farce set in the world of Scottish amateur dramatics.

Buy Panto Girl today a story that will have you chuckling in your shoes.
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