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Fucking Mom During Lockdown

Mom and I were locked up together during lockdown. To the point that mom was going stir-crazy.

Mom just wanted to dance.

I wanted something more…


“Oh no! Please Ted, we can talk about this!”

I felt my head pulsing at the temple. I was trying to watch some Netflix and I couldn’t make anything out due to Mom’s crying and screaming over the phone.


Fuck my life.

Mom came waltzing in dramatically. If she weren’t so fucking hot, I’d be annoyed with her bullshit. I heard the clacking of her red pin heels before I seen her.

She was wearing a tight fitting red dress. Skirt was so short, it barely covered her ass. I saw the thong she was wearing underneath earlier, when she was going up the stairs.

My cock throbbed at the memory.

Don’t judge me, I know it wasn’t ‘normal’ lusting after your own mother, but what is normal these days? She dressed like a fucking pornstar, with her big blonde hair, heavy, natural tits and juicy-as-fuck ass.

Her personality was non-existent though. She was dumb as a rock. Must be all the peroxide that got to her head or something. She was the sweetest thing ever, but her dating life was a disaster. She couldn’t see that the men she dated only put up with her long enough to get a piece of that ass.

Then they dumped her.

Even now, with her crying and whining, I couldn’t help wondering way she was so stupid.

It's the fucking pandemic. Why did she think she needed to dress up like a slut and go on a date?

“Ted promised he would take me to go dancing!” Mom cried, as if reading my mind. She sat at the edge of the sofa, hands covering her face, and I was led there, trying to make myself comfortable.

Waiting for her to go away.

“Mom, you do realize it’s the lockdown right?”

“But he promised.”

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