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ENCHANTED EARTH is a self-study course - a journey that has the potential to enhance well-being, inspire creativity and bring about a deeper connection with nature.

This course encourages you to step into the natural realms on a regular basis and make space for yourself to embrace mindful presence, inner peace, greater clarity, gentle self-care, and a deep sense of connection with nature and your true self. Through the course guide and assignments, you are called to be and breathe, and to give yourself time to play, create and enliven your senses. And once you start journeying into the heart of nature with greater presence and awareness, you’ll start experiencing many magical moments filled with insights to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

~ A lover of nature and wish to deepen your connection and explore the Earth journey with an expanded awareness.
~ An artist or writer seeking inspiration and insights for creative projects.
~ Experiencing stress or illness and wish to tune into nature’s healing energies to gain peace, relaxation and enhanced well-being.
~ Going through a challenging or transitional time in life and are looking for gentle guidance and inspiration to find your way through.
~ Seeking to connect with your beautiful truth and enjoy more magical, heart-felt moments.

¤ A deepening, heartfelt connection with Earth’s enchanted nature
¤ Discovery (or expansion) of your creative gifts
¤ Experience more joy, peace and sense of being present
¤ Begin a process of healing or self-discovery
¤ Feel more inspired and tuned-in to nature’s gifts
¤ Improved health and well-being
¤ Sense the spirits of nature and of Earth as a beautiful sentient entity
¤ Personal transformation

You’ll receive the Course Guide, seven assignments and The Author’s Journey in PDF format, which you can download and save to your computer/mobile device to access /print at any time.

The Assignments

Assignment 1 – Reflect and Set Intentions
Gain clarity about where you are in your life, where you wish to be, what changes/improvements you want to make and how being in nature will support you.

Assignment 2 – Being Present in Nature
Experience being fully in the moment in nature’s realms to enhance awareness, enliven the senses, feel a deeper connection and gain creative insights.

Assignment 3 – Nature’s Messages
Start noticing nature’s messages, learn to trust your intuition, and draw upon nature’s signposts for positive affirmations or inspiration for creative projects.

Assignment 4 – Creating Nature Art
Create something in nature inspired by nature and feel a deeper contentment, freedom and self-expression through the act of exploration, creation and play.

Assignment 5 – Journey into the Enchantment
Take a vision journey into nature’s enchantment, discover insights about yourself, and experience a magical connection with the Earth that nourishes your well-being.

Assignment 6 – Keep a Nature Journal
Start and keep a dedicated nature journal to record observations, magical moments, transitions, and your own journey with the enchanted Earth.

Assignment 7 – Deepen Your Connection
Open your awareness to the energy of a particular place in nature. Listen to the teachings that can be found there to deepen your bond and being.

The assignments have been created to:
– inspire and motivate you…
– help you to achieve clarity and become more focused, present and aware…
– give you the tools to break through creative blocks and life’s obstacles…
– offer you ideas and inspiration to create…
– assist you in fostering a wonderful, long-lasting connection with nature.

This is a self-study course so there are no deadlines, and there’s no coursework to hand in. Go at your own pace. This personal journey invites beautiful serendipity and a more holistic approach to self-care, creative growth and experiencing a magical connection with nature.

– Your own materials to create, such as pen, paper, notebook, camera, sketch book – whatever you require to be creative in your own wonderful way.
– Access to nature: gardens, woodland, mountains, meadows, forests, seaside or anywhere where nature is allowed to just ‘be’.
– An openness and wish to embrace creative practice, self-care, expanded awareness and a deeper connection with this enchanted Earth.


“Enchanted Earth has been born from my own profound experiences being in nature’s domain: experiences that have been deeply transforming, healing, and inspiring in ways that have nurtured my life beyond measure. These experiences have fed into my writing and creative expression for many years, through my stories (such as Light Weaver), my poetry, prose and photographic art, and still the inspiration flows like an endless stream. Being in nature has made much of my journey extra magical, and has brought about deep healing.

Apart from sharing aspects of my own journey with nature and creative practice, the course calls upon nature’s voice and how the Earth has enchanted and inspired our personal and collective journey here. The assignments enable you to connect with nature on a deeper level. The outcomes of this journey will be unique to you. One thing is certain: you will experience the world anew and with extra beauty and wonder once you are present in nature.” – Carol Anne Strange

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