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ASOG 2022 is available for $900 Flat Fee. This 18-session course is in Summer Session, with two lessons per week. Buff your grading skills! Summer school is always quick, but also a challenge. This is for you if you like to get things done!

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Flat Fee:  What You Get

Start with Pre-Sessions at no cost, then move into the on-demand video lessons that make up ASOG 2022.

Each week I offer a Live Lab where I will answer questions, explain in greater depth, and trouble-shoot your grading issues. These are essential to truly understanding grading. I record them, and they are available for viewing to students only.

As soon as you register, you will have access to the ASOG 2022 Summer Slack channel where you can chat, ask questions, ask for other resources, or whatever you need.

In addition to on-demand videos for each of the 18 Sessions of ASOG 2022 you will receive:
  • series of Structure videos in which I explain Session-related aspects of fit, construction, pattern-writing, or concepts, to help you envision what I am doing in the spread sheets.
  • spread-sheet based version of each (standard, inverted triangle, triangle) of Jill Wolcott Knits sizing tables (beta).
  • Measurements video on taking measurements at various body locales.
  • copy of my in-process Glossary of Terms.
  • sample Work Books each Session to use in your homework.
Email me with questions!

Sizes: Inclusive Sizing: Every.Body.Sizing. You will receive Spread Sheet versions of Jill Wolcott Knits. Sizing Tables: standard, inverted triangle, triangle. Measurement-taking work sheets and video included.

Gauge: Gauge is an essential part of the Grading Picture. I provide gauge to work with for each spread sheet.

Needles: Keep them busy on other projects while you watch on-demand videos. Bonus: Add calculator for half-size or quarter size version into your sizing tables!

Supplies: Spread Sheet App. Paper and Pen(cil) for notes. Time for Homework.

Yarn: Your choice! There is no actual knitting in this class.
You will get a PDF (455KB) file