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Brat's Milk Bundle 2: 5 Story Bundle


T H E   

P E R F E C T   


I see the words painted in white on a poster on the wall in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. I’m only here because of my best friend, who recently told me about how he had once “accidentally” cupped her breast when he was checking her heartbeat during a routine checkup. 

They had never spoken about it since, and it had never happened again, but she’s determined to believe that it was no accident. Rather, it was the domineering act of a masculine lust to feel on her large breasts, right there on the exam table.

The whole thing seemed trivial to me at first, but a few nights later, I had the most erotic dream about her mysterious doctor treating me as one of his patients. 

In the dream, he forced me to open my mouth and to say, “ahh.” 

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, but instead of feeling the warm beam of his flashlight, I, instead, felt his warm, veiny cock press in between my lips and slide down to the back of my throat. I almost gagged, but he reminded me to breathe through my nose. 

The terror of it all—it felt so disgustingly beautiful.

The only problem is that when I woke up from this dream, I became so depressed that this extremely intense experience was only just a dream, and even though I masturbated for several hours before work, I couldn’t achieve the same pleasure heights and so my whole day was ruined.

The dream kept on repeating itself, forcing me to pay attention to what it wanted of me, and I came to realize that I only had one choice. Not all fantasies are meant to be played out, but this one was. It had to be brought into reality. 

Whether I’ll have the best sexual experience of my life or I’ll walk out of this office utterly disappointed is less important than the fact that, after today, I will no longer have this obsessive desire for a man whom I’ve never met. 

“Mr. Troy will see you now, Ms. Abernathy,” the female receptionist says to me, looking briefly up from her computer, then looking back down again. 

“Excellent,” I say, with a diamond white smile that’s wasted on her because she’s not paying attention to me at all. 

I walk through a buzzing door, then follow the arrows on the wall that lead down the hallway to the last door on the right. 

The hall is narrow and makes me claustrophobic and dizzy, but I’m hoping that it’s just my nerves. 

Before I reach the end of the hall I see another poster, this one in pink letting: 

T H E   

P E R F E C T   


I pass the poster, but stop just before I reach the exam room, take a deep breath, and then open the door. 

However, it’s not the doctor, but a pretty, blonde nurse, probably around twenty-two or twenty-three—just like myself, waiting. 

Of course, a nurse would be here before the doctor to prep me for him. Gosh, my horny desperation is making the dumbest bitch right now…

“Ms. Abernathy?” She asks me, her voice light and cheerful. 

“Yes, that’s me,” I say, nodding. 

“Perfect! Let’s get started. Here is the gown for you to change into and, when you’re ready, I’ll return to do a brief initial exam before your physician, Dr. Troy, sees you.”

“Sounds good to me,” I say, smiling politely. 

I grab the hospital gown from the exam table and put down my bag on the empty chair in the corner of the room. 

The door opens, and the nurse walks out of the room. Then, I hear a strong, deep voice yell something at her from just outside of the office. 

I look up immediately and see him, a devastatingly handsome doctor, who a perfectly chiseled face like a male model, but much older and seasoned. 

He’s got cruel, after-shave good looks that would intimidate most women my age. But, not me. I’m up for the challenge today…

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