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Daddy & Step’s Spoiled Brats 20 STORY BUNDLE


“So glad winter is over,” I groan to Ashley. “Seriously, fuck that season!” 

“You’re mad at the seasons now?” She asks, unamused. 

“You’re damn right, I am!” I say, slurping my chai tea latte, whilst enviously eyeing Ashley’s iced hibiscus tea. 

Right now, we’re strolling through the park for the first time in literally months. Three-fourths of the year, I walk with her to the sports agency that my stepfather owns and where my stepbrother works for him. I got her the job, so she pretty much has to put up with my brattiness, but it’s about to get so much for her, because now that I’m twenty-one, Daddy wants me working for him too as his new secretary!

“I know you must be totally hating life right now, huh?” I ask her. “You’ll have to hear me blather about obscene randomness all day!” 

“Not really,” she says. “They’ll have you going on so many runs that you’ll hardly even be in the office. Your dad is extremely tough on his assistants.” 

Daddy better not be. I’m certainly not above throwing a fit in the middle of the damned conference room if I have to…

“And no talking about…the stuff you usually talk about,” Ashley warns me.

 “What?” I ask. “You mean sex?”

Ashley nods.

 “Omigod, Ashley, you’re twenty-one just like me, just grow up. Fucking-fuck, FUCKING-FUCK, CUM DRIPPING BALLS, EXPLODING PINK CLIT!!!” 

“Shut the hell up!” She hisses at me, turning red as everyone around us begins to stare.

“You over there!” I shout at some random handsome guy I spot in the sea of faces. “Yeah, you! My best friend and I are rich businesswomen! We’ll write you a check for any amount of money if you give both of us a rim!” 

“Holy shit, I’m telling your Dad!” Ashley says, forcefully squeezing my arm and yanking me away from the confused, yet highly aroused man in the suit. 

“Lighten up, Ashley, those people don’t even know us,” I say, laughing as we cross the street to the enormous building where Daddy’s offices are located. 

“YEAH, BUT THEY KNOW WHAT  FUCKING RIM-JOB IS!” Ashley yells at me, then turns even more crimson when the security guards turn to her with looks of horror. “Oh, God damn it!” 

She swipes her work I.D over a neon blue panel to get one of the elevator doors to open. 

“It’s not my fault! You know that at the beginning of every Spring, I get afflicted with a-dick-tion!” I tell her, laughing as I lean back against the metal wall in the elevator. 

“Is that so?” I hear my stepbrother’s voice growl in my ear. 

I turn around and smirk at him, all dressed up in his tailored navy suit that covers his huge, muscular torso. 

My stepbrother looks me up and down, licking his lips. The inappropriate way my brother is mentally undressing me, causes Ashley to turnaway from us—super uncomfortable. Clearly, in the year she’s been working here, my brother has neglected to show my friend who he really is when he’s not busy kissing up to Daddy. 

“Yes, my titties are out, Adam,” I say, groaning. “You can take your eyes off of them now.”

“Make me,” he winks. 

The bell rings as we reach the fifteenth floor. Ashley and I walk out, but my brother stays in the elevator, pressing another button to make the door close behind us. 

“Where are you going?!” I ask him.

 “To see Dad on the top floor,” he says. “I’ll be sure to let him know what a naughty girl you’re already being.”

“Whatever, fuck you, too…” I say, rolling my eyes. 

The elevator doors close, leaving me feeling left out and frustrated. 

“Actually, you know what?” Adam says, the door suddenly reopening. “Why don’t you come tell him yourself?”

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