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How To Love Yourself: Self-love Video Guide

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What Is Self-Love?

To love and honor oneself is what can be categorized as self-love. Fundamentally describing, it is a mental and emotional state of mind. The perception of self is created with the help of things, i.e., self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

When things are going according to plan in your life, and there is no particular thing to worry about, then it is not difficult for you to love yourself.

If on the other hand, bad things are happening in your life and people are mistreating you then you could feel yourself depressed and negative emotions will lead you into facing the consequences.

In other words, what others think about you cannot make your perception of self-love.

6 Prescriptive Methods of Self Love


People who claim to love themselves are the ones who know what they want, think, and feel. They act accordingly and do not care about the opinions of others.

Act For Your Needs Not For Your Wants:

You will know that you love yourself when you have the ability to leave that one particular thing that you actually like are excited about, but at the same time, that thing is necessary for you to stay calm, focused and poised to move on in your life. But on the other hand, if you are always thinking about your needs, then you will digress from the behavioral patterns that make you fall into trouble, keep you involved in your past and decreases your self-love.

You Need To Practice Self-Care:

All human beings know their basic needs and desires. If you take care of your needs and desires, then it means that you love yourself and know what self-respect is. People who love themselves take care of themselves with healthy activities and nutrition, daily exercises, and proper night’s sleep, and take part in interactive social gatherings.

Build Your Boundaries:

If you love yourself, then you need to set certain boundaries for yourself. Say no to all those things that harm you not only physically and emotionally but spiritually as well. Do not express yourself poorly learn the art of self-respect.

Protect Yourself:

Be around the right people in your life. There is a great term devised for people like these which is frenemies. These are people who are more delighted in your loss and pain than in your happiness and success. Just stay away from these types of people. Life is too short to waste on people who do not deserve or are worthy of your friendship.

Try To Forgive Yourself:

Human beings can be at times harsh on themselves. Give yourself self-respect Try to be more forgiving of yourself whenever you have made a wrong decision or mistake. If you have learned something from these mistakes, then it is simply a lesson gained on your part.

Start with one or two points from the above list, and you will start to love yourself. Just think of the advantages that come with these six self-love steps. You will ultimately begin to appreciate yourself.

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