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Emotional Eating Masterclass

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Do you turn to food in response to uncomfortable emotions? Do you eat when you're not hungry? Do you find yourself mindlessly eating? Are you confused as to how to balance meals and snacks to satisfying your physical needs and preferences? This Masterclass is for you!

During the Masterclass, you will hear Alice's expert tips on how to manage your emotional eating by:

1. Recognising the difference between physical and emotional hunger

2. Learning how to nourish your emotions outside of food

3. Understanding your cravings, and how to navigate them in a kind and compassionate way

4. Tuning in with your hunger and fullness cues

5. Practising mindful eating

Alice will also provide Workbooks and resources to integrate all your learning. You will get lifetime access to the Masterclass

NOTE: this is a recording of a live Masterclass. You will get access to the resource + the live recording link via this product purchase. If you have any issues, please email Alice

You will get a PDF (6MB) file
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