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BEDROOM STRATEGIES - To Lead The Sex Field - How To Keep The Fire Burning In Your Relationship, Become Her Bedroom god and get her begging you to hit her legs as long as you still wanted her

The Bedroom Strategies book is the ultimate and only guide to ignite the fire and keep it burning in your relationships with girls and to understand women in the bedroom once and for all. This is why guys that read it don't read or recommend anything else. Because the few men who "get it" spend the rest of their lives enjoying sexy girls and women in abundance – and so can you. Imagine becoming her bedroom god and having her begging you to hit her legs as long as you still wanted her!

You can learn to be a sexual Master in the bedroom, the same way that all men who are naturally good with women have. The only difference is that you may learn it much FASTER, instead of wasting tons of time and money on fruitless dates or material things you BELIEVE will make you more attractive – but really doesn't. This book teaches you how. It teaches you strategies to get your woman feeling intrigued by you in and outside the bedroom.

You see; men LACK success with women in the bedroom because they either don't understand what attracts women, or they THINK they know, but have the wrong ideas and hence waste a lot of time - sometimes an entire lifetime - chasing wrong things. You know you have to get this book if you struggle a bit in the bedroom. The truth is women will stay in a relationship with a man who is fascinating. The question is how do you become that fascinating guy to your woman, especially in the bedroom given that relationships are normally judged by bedroom results? That is what this book will show you.

This book is very different from conventional books and the advice you find in the mainstream media because it focuses on natural attraction – on what women REALLY want – not what they CLAIM they want or what males in general BELIEVE women want, especially in the bedroom. It explains men’s and women’s sexual anatomies, and phenomena such as why men and women are aroused by different things ; men being visual and women being highly auditory and why women “play hard to impress” (a well-known phrase which amusingly reveals that women ARE easy to impress once you know how they are wired, but only pretend not to be).

The book addresses your basic beliefs and mindsets, because if you learn to THINK and ACT correctly, you will automatically easily arouse women’s pleasure neural pathways in the bedroom.
You already have what it takes to seduce women and stay in control in the bedroom. If you never run out of ideas around your close friends or family, you should be able to entertain a hot girl in the bedroom without problems. The reason you seem to be a different person in the bedroom is because you are NOT being yourself – you are conditioned to somehow sabotage yourself.

The strategies work on all women, no matter what language they speak, age, or type of relationship you are in. It's universal, it's based on natural attraction principles, and what all women are hardwired to respond to. Remember that attraction is an emotion, and is not logical. Instead of targeting her brain, you are taught how to effectively appeal to her heart.

You can use it to impress a sexy girlfriend, a one night stand or a long-term relationship. One of its best benefits is that it will make your woman want to be naughty with you and appreciate you as long as you still wanted her in the bedroom. She will REMAIN attracted to you in and outside the sheets. All because you are able to fully address their sexual needs and keep them fascinated. Bedroom results matter Romeo!

All other dating books simply repeat conventional wisdom that doesn't work at all in reality. Even the best ones are about ACTING like a fascinating man, not on how to BECOME one. The problem is if you go around acting like someone you are not, you would run out of ideas when you go into the relationship anyway. This book will show you how to ignite and keep the fire naturally burning in the bedroom for your relationship to stay alive using a real you, No need to act!

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