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Friendly Persuasion

Some people seem to have a knack for persuading people to do what they want. They just ask and they receive! Persuasion is an art form that can be learnt and this report will cover various ways you can use friendly persuasion to get what you want. There is a correct way to go about this and of course you don’t want to come off as a jerk! Arlene Dickinson of Dragons Den fame says this about persuasion. "Persuasion is an excellent test of character. What you will do and say, how far you'll go to convince others, reveals a lot about the strength and reliability of your moral compass... Good persuaders are authentic... honest... seeking a win-win... "
Persuasion is used in many different situations including sales pitches, election campaigns, advertising and public service campaigns. When you watch television commercials you are often being urged to stop smoking, drinking and using drugs. These commercials are ways of persuading you to change your habits. One huge point that we want to make here is that persuasion is totally different to manipulation. Persuasion is gently convincing a person to do something for you. Whereas manipulation uses force or aggression to a certain point to achieve this. You can manipulate a person against their will to do something. This is definitely not what this report is about. If you ever find yourself beginning to force your opinions or ideas onto someone then you have gone way beyond persuasion. So please keep this in mind. Thanks for reading and make use of your report.

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