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Create Your Own Uniue Online Brand

A handy mannual for all those who are starting out with creating online businesses,

Discover and Communicate Your Passion

Branding has evolved from nonsensical trademark names to descriptive
words that tell people who you are and what your passion is in life. Take, for
instance, Xerox: this name had no real meaning until the machines came out
and people used them as a common meaning for photocopying papers. While
the brand is now known worldwide, the brand has been completely diluted
into a generic meaning that is hard to defend as being unique and expressive
of a company brand. In order to create a brand name today, you want to
give special attention to the qualities that make this name unique and how it
is descriptive of what you do or who you are in business or life.


In a way, we all come into this world with our own personal branding: Our
names. This tells members of our family and the people we meet who we
are, but doesn’t really express our personal qualities. Sometimes, people
acquire nicknames or make up their own to help express more of their own
unique qualities, and this is used as a form of group personal branding. If
that personal branding also expresses what your passion in life is, you can
use it to help promote yourself to others. Personal branding, as well as
business branding, is all about conveying your self-image to others in a way
that what they perceive is identical to what you are projecting to them.


If you have a domain name, that’s a form of business branding, just like your
business name is. These tend to be more expressing of the products and
services offered rather than of the personal qualities of the owner. In the
past, in conventional advertising, you would know the business name before
you learned the owner’s name. However, with so many people using social
networks these days, personal branding is becoming as equally important in
business and company branding.


Whether you choose one, the other, or both to promote, the idea is to project
your passion to a bigger audience. If your passion is connecting others to
their soul mates, then you might use a business or personal name with the
word love in it. That’s your passion. It’s not as hard as it seems to think up a
few choice brand names to try out. What is hard is reserving them online
when so many have already been snapped up by others.

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