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“Discord!” Thetis cried. “I’m so, uh, happy you could come.” She looked at Peleus with a look that said she was anything but happy, but Peleus merely shrugged. “Please stay and join our little party,” she said as politely as she could.

“No, dear Thetis,” Discord replied in mock disappointment. “I can see that I am not wanted here. See, the merriment has ended. Besides,” the goddess tossed a new look at Thetis, this time one of contempt, “I wasn’t invited.” Thetis caught her breath and looked as if Discord was about to attack her, but Discord’s darkness passed as quickly as it came and she added a little too airily, “No, I was just passing through and thought I would stop in to see father Zeus and mother Hera.” She made an all too obvious search for her quarry and upon finding them made an even more obvious wave to them. “Now that I’ve seen them, I will go. You two make such a beautiful couple and I am sure that you will be terribly happy together.” She laughed a long horrible cackling laugh, a noise so horrible that it cannot be described. How that awful noise could come from one so beautiful, can not even be imagined. Her laughter continued as the mysterious smoke carried her away and reverberated through the great hall for a long while after the goddess was gone.

All that was left was an uncomfortable silence that left everyone nervous.

Zeus cleared his throat. “Well, this is a party, isn’t it? I think it’s time to open the gifts!”

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