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a Short Story....
This unique story told about a man's turmoil in a problematic arranged marriage. His helplessness in dealing with one important moment in his life had actually changed as his stage for judging his future mate in various tendentious reproaches and bad prejudices which full of absurdity.

On the other hand, one can judged this man was actually having the inferiority complex problem, so he was ready to issue tons of excuses to both humiliated himself, and also at the same time attacked the woman personally. Perhaps it was a reflection of his weaknesses or it indicated indirectly that he was a loser against woman. But, he strongly denied so hard! And strangely had his own trivial reasons, as he said:

" It's all about the look in her eyes... Really, It doesn't mean that I feel inferior! But, the gaze of those eyes..... A kind of stare.... that it is really hard for me to express! Actually, it's not a sneering, insulting and dismissive gaze. It is not like that! But ... oh my god! Every time I spoke before her, then I saw the look in her eyes ... God damn it! Suddenly the weird feeling came. Looked like I was so tiny in front of her. There were reluctance, bizzare respect, or whatever it's called. Clearly, I feel like dealing with a woman who is so perfect, so high, so holy and regal, flawless, with all the elite expectations of the classy people... I mean, this is not in terms of material. But, it's more in intellectually meaning! Uhh! I even seemed to be so fool in front of her. "

But, if we continued to follow his odd and absurd conversation, in fact the man was in extraordinary restlessness and anger. He had strong, plausible reasons which were finally revealed in his emotional and tragic words:

"That's the matter, buddy! In fact…. there is one thing that I haven't told you. And unfortunately, that is even worse!”


He said in a mysterious trembling voice, "Really, this is what I was going to tell you from the beginning. I just wanted to show something that I had never thought of before ..."

So, what did THE MOST EXTREME SECRET he want to unveil from his prospective spouse? Let's find out by reading the whole story!

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